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Free-range chickens are free to roam in a less stressful environment, including the outdoors, away from the chicken coop or any regular dwelling areas. This setting allows running around in nature where chickens get ample air and sunshine and no stress.

Kleinhans Deliveries How does it work? You can order online at anytime. Once we have received your order we will contact you via whatsapp to confirm delivery details. We aim for a JHB and Pretoria delivery once a week. Cullinan and Rayton every second week. Middelburg and BHS once a month. When we have a full delivery, max 20 orders – your order will be delivered that week usually on Thursdays and Fridays. If the delivery is full your order will carry over to the following weeks delivery. Please send Margaux a whatsapp to discuss any delivery questions. We also have a whatsapp group per area – delivery details and specials are discussed in full on there. Delivery is between 8am-5pm mostly. We deliver to your home or office- please ensure someone is home to receive your order. Please Take this into consideration when entering your delivery address. We will send out an ETA(estimated time of arrival) list the evening before Your delivery. Please take note this is an estimated time- delivery might be early,on time or late depending on traffic etc.

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Free-range chicken tastes better and contains more protein as a result of optimal breeding conditions. Chickens that receive a liberal amount of time outdoors with better exercise, clean air, clean water, and lots of sun are the best source of natural meat products.

These chickens produces much more quality meat compared to factory production of most chicken farms.


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Creating easier access to better quality, naturally-raised meat direct from our local farm.


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Please note that delivery times may be delayed due to loadshedding 

Enjoy healthier, more nutritious, better tasting meats, with the peace-of-mind knowing there’s no preservatives, nitrates, or fillers.

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We believe that honesty, integrity and transparency are the heart and soul of what makes a great company. That’s why we don’t hide our prices in a credit system, we don’t lock you into a subscription, and we don’t limit your selections. We believe that ordering from Kleinhans Free-Range and supporting hardworking local farmers should be easy, honest, and accessible for anyone.

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